Documents & Data Collection

With our collaborative environment, prospects can self-populate the data fields and upload documents directly in the proposals, without cumbersome email back and forth. It’s a total email, PDF, and paper elimination tool.

Don't use emails ever again to collect prospects' documents

Let the customer upload the documents you need directly on the platform without the usual chaotic emails thread. With our CRM integration get an instant notification and access the documents where you like it best. In your CRM.

Let the customer fill the data for you

Prospects can fill their personal data directly in the proposal without your sales team being involved. No more manual copy / paste in the CRM. Let the customer do the work!

Automate your CRM entries

Prospect details are automatically updated into your CRM without human manual touch. Salespeople can focus on leads, not on CRM data entry!

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Istanbul / Turkey

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© 2022 Simpliciter.
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© 2022 Simpliciter. All rights reserved