Digital Proposal Management

Create proposals that will close the deal. Simpliciter converts static proposals into digital workflows, providing an easy way for sales teams to share and track digital offers. No more emailing back-and-forth to get approval.

Send Proposals directly from your CRM

Sales representatives can easily generate and send standardised proposals that convert, directly from their CRM, in one click.

Let your customer accept your proposals in one click

Collect approvals (or rejection) from prospects in a few clicks and drastically shorten your sales cycle by removing unnecessary steps in the buying process.

Let the customer fill the data for you

With our Data Collection feature let the prospects fill their personal data directly in the proposal without your sales team being involved. Let the customer do the repetitive work for you!

No more mistakes when you create proposals

Let your sales team use pre-approved proposal templates and make sure they always deliver on brand offers to your projects. No more mistakes with manual proposal !

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© 2022 Simpliciter.
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© 2022 Simpliciter. All rights reserved