Chat & Co-browsing

Help the team engage prospects with chat, and co-browsing to humanise and transform your sales process, personalize customer interactions and build trust instantly.

Get closer to the prospect with in-app chat

Create proximity and humanise communication with the in-app chat feature. Engage your prospect when they need you, answer burning questions and unblock the deal at the right time.

Be alongside your customers when it matters

Thanks to the co-browsing feature assist your customers remotely to complete the journey in real-time. Sales team and prospect collaborate on the same browser, close deals in seconds.

Link useful online content

Do you have great feedback on a review site or a must-read ultimate guide on your blog? Or maybe an online calendar for prospects to schedule meetings? Add it to your sales proposal and have everything in one place to simplify for your customers to take a decision.

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© 2022 Simpliciter. All rights reserved