Automated Reminders

Don’t let your deal stall because you forgot to follow up. Send your proposal and forget about it. With Simpliciter’s automated reminders let your customer convert while you sleep!

Automate emails

Nudge your customers automatically via pre-written emails or sms until they convert. You don’t have to worry about it. Put your deal closing on autopilot!

Real-time notifications

Never miss a follow-up, and engage with your customers when they are ready. Get notified when the customer when an email or document has been opened, or a question submitted in the chat.

Auto-triggered chat

Automatically trigger a conversation with prospects who are active with your document. Engage in real-time, when you know the prospect has seen the quote, and shorten the time to signage.

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© 2022 Simpliciter.
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© 2022 Simpliciter. All rights reserved