Not getting enough deals over the line? Fed up with prospects going dark on you? Here are five essential deal closure tips that you can try out today.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something. Growing your B2B business is all about acquiring the most customers for the lowest cost and the highest average customer value (ACV). However, time is precious, especially early on in your company’s life. So, the faster you can close deals, the more likely you are to succeed.

In this article, we’ll show you five easy strategies to close more deals faster. Make sure your sales reps are doing all of these things.

1 – Identify the decision-maker

Your sales reps shouldn’t waste time trying to sell to people who can’t buy. They should only be spending time with prospects who have the authority to buy, the available budget and the need for your solution (whether they’re aware of it or not).

It’s essential that your sales reps identify who the decision-maker is on a deal, then sell to them and only them. Don’t rely on someone further down the ladder to sell your solution to their manager. They’ll never do it as well as you.

You can use revenue intelligence tech to give you a steer on who the decision-maker may be in an organisation. However, the most effective way to identify the decision-maker is to qualify your prospect on the phone. (In a recent survey by Sales Insights Lab, 41% of respondents said the phone is the most effective sales tool available.)  If you follow a methodology like BANT or MEDDIC, you’ll qualify out people who don’t have authority to buy.

Finally, in today’s B2B world, many purchases require multiple decision-makers to sign off a deal. Again, make sure you sell your solution to all of them. Don’t rely on one champion to do your work for you. Closing sales is about bringing all related parties on board.

2 – Offer incentives

Closing deals sometimes requires you to go the extra mile. Sometimes, to close the deal ahead of your competitors, you need to offer incentives.

Try to avoid offering big discounts on your solution, as it’s hard to get that price back up in the future. Instead, look for what else you can give, such as free assessment reports or workshops.

If you sell it in the right way, your prospects will feel like they’re getting a fantastic deal, while you’re offering incentives that are easy for you to deliver on.

3 – Link your solution to their pain point

In B2B, you make a sale when you solve a problem. That’s why when your sales reps are on the phone to prospects, they shouldn’t launch straight into a pitch.

A sales call should be a conversation. During that conversation, ask your prospect open questions and dig deep into the business challenges that keep them awake at night. (If your prospect is well qualified and fits your ideal customer profile, you should already have an idea of their pain points.) Get them to tell you how this pain affects them.

Then, again without overtly pitching, talk about how your solution relieves this pain. You can have prepared answers to jump in with, but keep it a conversation, not a monologue.  Social proof is powerful, so talk about how it has helped other customers (your prospect’s competitors). Emphasise the impact you deliver when you solve the prospect’s business challenge.

4 – Create a sense of urgency

Your buyers are busy and will put off closing the deal as long as they can – if you let them. Creating a sense of urgency is essential for sales closure and stopping prospects from going dark on you.

There are two ways to create urgency. First, you can use pricing, such as offering a lower price if they buy before a specific date. However, this can be risky because buyers don’t like being pressured into deal closing.

A better way is to make them want to sign the deal as quickly as possible. This comes down to how well your reps identify the prospect’s pain point, position your product as the solution and emphasise the impact that solving their problem will have on their lives. When you do this well, your prospect can’t wait to buy!

5 – Cross-sell

Once you get the deal over the line, your job isn’t finished. Work on increasing your average customer value (ACV) by upselling other products or features. Remember, it’s easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you than a brand new prospect. The acquisition cost is lower too.

Bring a customer into the family and keep them for longer.

Simpliciter’s deal closing platform

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