Electronic signatures are easy to implement in your B2B sales process – and they bring a wide range of benefits. Let’s find out more.

Sales reps dread paperwork. It takes up time that they could spend talking to prospects and earning commission – and that’s before you take into account the number of deals that mysteriously go dead when you send over the contract for the buyers to sign.

In this article, we’ll explain why electronic signatures are so much better than the traditional pen and ink. We’ll also look at how you can use digital signatures in your wider organisation, as well as your B2B sales cycle.

First, here are five benefits of using eSignatures:

1 – Get that signature faster

With a digital signature solution, it’s easy to send over a contract to a buyer and get them to sign it with a digital agreement signature. You’ll know exactly when they receive it – and when they sign it.

Contrast that to the time it takes your prospect to print out the contract you emailed over, sign it, scan it and send it back to you. Of course, they might prefer to post it to you, but that takes even longer, and you risk your contract getting lost.

Electronic signatures eliminate that dead zone between verbally agreeing on a deal and getting it signed, meaning you can record the revenue and move on to the next prospect.

2 – Get multiple signatures easily

We live in a B2B world where 6-10 decision-makers will be involved in a purchase.

If every stakeholder wants to browse the contract and add their signature, that could 10X the time it takes to finally close the deal. With paper copies, it also multiplies by ten the opportunities for something to go wrong – like someone losing the contract, spilling coffee over it etc.

Digital signature solutions make contracts easy to share and even easier to sign, no matter how many people want to scrutinise the deal.

3 – Save valuable time

We’ve seen how using a digital platform to send over a contract is faster and more reliable than sending it by post or scanned email. But that’s not all.

Your digital signature solution will also automatically update the status of your deal in your CRM, meaning you don’t have to do it manually. It will also integrate with the rest of your tech stack, so you can automate more processes.

This all means your sales reps can spend more time doing what they do best – converting prospects and serving customers.

4 – Cover your organisation legally

Electronic signatures are recognised in law. They have as much (if not more) legal standing than paper signatures.

In fact, eSignatures are more secure than traditional pen-and-ink signatures, as there’s no chance of you misplacing a contract. Also, when your buyer signs a contract electronically, it records information such as who signed the document, when they signed it and where. If someone ever contests a transaction, you have all that data to cover you.

5 – Your customers love eSignatures too

For all the reasons eSignatures work for you, they work for your customers too. It saves them time and stops them worrying about lost documents – meaning they can get started onboarding with your product faster.

By eliminating the need to print out your contract, manually sign it, scan it and send it back, you give them one fewer hoop to jump through. Also, digital signature platforms work on mobile, so your buyer can sign your contract wherever they are.

At a time when B2B organisations use customer experience as a way to differentiate from their competitors, implementing eSignatures is an easy win.

Simple and flexible

Electronic signatures don’t just make deal closure faster and more straightforward; you can use them throughout your sales cycle and in other parts of your organisation, including:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – When talking to prospects at the start of the sales process, some tech providers like to get them to sign an NDA to keep their proprietary information confidential. With electronic signatures, it can be done in minutes
  • Hiring –  Electronic signatures can speed up the hiring process as you can use them in employment contracts
  • Procurement – Your suppliers may use eSignatures to speed up their processes too

Simpliciter – eSignatures made easy

In the age of digital communication, it’s time to simplify your sales paperwork.

Simpliciter’s specialist deal closing software automates the deal closure stage of your sales cycle, so your reps can focus on new opportunities instead.

Part of the Simpliciter platform includes integration with best-in-class eSignature providers, delivering a secure and streamlined process for your business. No matter how complex your signing flow is, no matter how many decision-makers are involved, Simpliciter makes it simple.

Click here to book a demo today.

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