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If you’re struggling to close deals remotely, you’re not alone. Businesses need to focus on processes that work for them, not against them. This means swapping laborious manual tasks for automated ones, freeing up time and creating a better buying experience.

 The best way to do this? With a simple deal-closing platform.

What is Simpliciter?

The remote B2B sales process is broken. Remote working should speed sales up, not slow them down. That’s why we created Simpliciter.

Simpliciter is an automated deal-closing platform that lets prospects complete their entire buying journey online in just a few clicks. Your sales team can convert opportunities faster while offering an engaging digital experience for customers.

It’s very easy to use, too. Simpliciter works with your existing CRM, meaning you’ll be set up and selling better in no time.

Three ways Simpliciter helps boost your close rate

Simpliciter offers a wide range of features to help you close deals. To find out more, have a look at our product overview. Below, you can find information about three of these key features.

Proposal Management 

Sales teams spend a lot of time creating and managing static proposals which aren’t engaging and fail to convert. What’s more, it’s hard to close deals when so much time is taken up emailing back and forth to get approvals.

Instead of letting proposal management use up valuable time, Simpliciter offers digital proposals that convert

  • Create proposals from your CRM in one click.
  •  Get prospects to engage with your online proposal.
  •  Make the customer’s journey simple – they can accept your offer in one click.
  • Let your customer complete all deal steps online.
  •  Get real-time status updates.


Collecting a signature doesn’t need to be a stumbling block to closing a deal. Gone are the days of printing and waiting, emailing back and forth to get prospects to sign.

Instead, e-signatures allow for a secure and streamlined way to close deals.  In fact, your customers have likely already started to adopt e-signatures, and it’s important to keep up. Businesses who don’t get on board may find themselves swiftly left behind by the competition, too, using outdated and inefficient processes.

FInd out more about Simpliciter’s secured electronic signatures here.

Automated follow-ups

Following up is a crucial but time-consuming part of any sales process. On one hand, it’s important to stay in touch with prospects regularly, on the other, it takes time away from equally important tasks.

Our automated follow-ups can help you convert customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of forgetting to follow up and letting your prospects go dark, let your CRM do the work for you, then simply close the deal when the time is right.

What’s more, eight in ten prospects prefer talking to reps over email, so you can easily reach potential customers how they like, when you need.

How Simpliciter transforms the buying experience 

Remote-first and automated sales processes save time for sales teams, but how do they work for customers? Well, according to a study by McKinsey,, 75% of B2B buyers now prefer digital self-serve and remote interactions.  What’s more, 57% of a customer’s purchase decision is complete before they even contact the supplier.

In theory, digital interactions should save time. However, sales teams need to work smartly to find the balance between customer care and digital tools. Afterall, 79% of business buyers say they’ve made a purchase decision based on the quality of customer service.

So, it’s important to adopt remote deal closing processes that are quick and reliable so that customers feel interactions are effective.

Simpliciter’s revolutionary co-browsing feature does just that. Sales teams can bring prospects into their browsers, assisting them remotely to complete the buying journey in real-time. Meanwhile, the live chat feature helps to make the journey interactive and simple.

Simpliciter’s Deal Closing Platform

The B2B sales process should be simple. At Simpliciter, we’re here to help you sell smarter and faster.

To find out more about using Simpliciter, have a look at our product page or get in touch to book your demo.

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