Good B2B proposal management is vital for any sales department. . The proposal stage is where conversion happens. Yet, many businesses don’t have a true insight into what goes on. Without the right processes in place, sales are hampered by inaccurate proposals, slow responses, and lost leads.

Proposal management platforms counteract this, streamlining digital workflows with excellent results. So, how do they work for remote sales?

The reality of B2B remote sales

B2B buyers are more ready than ever to spend big through remote and online channels. 35% are willing to spend $500,000 or more in a single transaction. But closing sales still isn’t a given.

In fact, over a third of sales reps feel that closing is generally the hardest part of the sales process. When it comes to remote sales, the key lies in creating a seamless, automated workflow that suits your company.

Refining proposal management is an important stage of this process. By reducing manual work, sales reps can focus on other key areas and optimize their efficiency. 

What’s wrong with emailing proposals?

Whether you create proposals manually or generate them from your CRM, sharing a PDF via email just isn’t as effective as sharing a collaborative digital proposal.

1-Lack of tracking

Clunky, analogue proposals don’t allow for engagement and performance tracking. Without these features, sales teams can’t easily monitor what works or reduce the amount of missed opportunities for closing sales. Collaborative online proposals offer greater flexibility and visibility for sales reps.

2-Human error

When sales representatives spend time manually creating and emailing individual proposals, they leave room for human error. Proposals aren’t just another document to send over, they’re part of how you interact with the customer. So, when there are errors, it reflects on your business.

3-Lack of efficiency

Proposals can be time-consuming, even when they’re ready to go. After sending the proposal, a sales rep may email back and forth with prospects multiple times which also makes it harder to keep track of leads and conversions. In fact, research shows sales reps spend 21% of their day writing emails.

4-Time taken from other tasks

When one area of a workflow isn’t optimized, other areas can suffer. The inefficient task takes time away from other important jobs and interrupts an otherwise streamlined system.

For example, remote customers say that a personal touch goes a long way. This might be a simple video call to show the sales rep cares and is invested, but the extra call can seem like a burden if the team is overwhelmed with other tasks. Having a solid, automated sales process means more time to focus on what’s important to the customer. 

How to manage B2B proposal agreements more efficiently

With the right processes in place, creating, sending, and monitoring responses to proposals can be a seamless part of your digital workflow. It’s important to choose a system that suits your team, customers, and product/service. That way, sales teams stay on top of their leads, close deals, and monitor exactly what works and why.

A good B2B proposal management platform will:

  • Provide a simple way for sales teams to share and track digital proposals
  • Generate rapid proposals
  •  Provide a pre-approved template
  •  Collect approvals in a few clicks
  •  Provide real-time status updates for each proposal

This might sound like it needs a system overhaul, but in fact, integrating the right platform can be simple. We’ve developed Simpliciter so that it’s easy to install and works with your existing CRM.

Delivering a winning proposal

A successful proposal looks professional and engages the customer immediately. The client wants the right information, at the right time, from the right department, in the right format. That way, it’s easy for them to agree to the information and say yes.

What’s more, if a proposal is delivered in an easy-to-sign digital format, the client can complete in just a few clicks, without relying on the sales team for assistance.

Simpliciter Proposal Management – create proposals that close the deal

Creating B2B proposals should be easy. With Simpliciter, you can create proposals from pre-approved templates, send them directly from the CRM, and collect approvals in a few clicks.

Find out how to simplify your sales and buying journey or get in touch to see Simpliciter in action.


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